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Searching the market will lead you towards multiple advertisement modules. You need to choose the best one among the lot, and that’s when fabric banners come to the rescue. There are multiple advantages that only fabric display can provide you with. It has the advantage of washing off at multiple frequencies, alongside maintaining its durability. And the best part is that these products are pretty light in weight. So, you can store them when not in use and can transport to a new place too.

Other benefits coming your way

The fabric banners provide impeccable benefits to the users. They eliminate the entire possibility of glare or any scratch finish, which can otherwise ruin the entire aesthetic of the banner. In terms of aesthetics, this fabric gets bonded permanently with polyester fibers. So, that will present the photographic images with a realistic look as the colors are not quite printed on individual dots. The overall and sharper brighter image will be one direct advantage related to such fabric banners.

Now for the creases

Nowadays, there is a growing demand of vinyl banners because of their wear and tear resistance and durability. Even though vinyl is one great weather solution, it can lead to distortion and creases after succumbing to pressure. That’s why these banners need to be carefully rolled up while storing, which is not the case with fabric banners.

The common fabric banner options like Polyester Fabric Banners or the ones made out of satin, nylon or synthetic fibers are naturally tear, wrinkle and crease resistant. So, any fold mark or crease that can form from folding will be removed rather fast and easily with the help of any household iron.

Time for the camera flash

It is true that vinyl has its share of advantages, but in some conditions where there is indoor photography vinyl is not a good option. As it has a plastic surface, the banner gets mildly reflective. Such reflection can cause issue in areas where flash photography is used. On the other hand, you have cloth to absorb that camera flash to ensure picture-perfect clicks in the end. The photographs will come out naturally. So, such fabric banners will work out as great asset at event or trade shows.

The complete look of it

The modernized printing process of dye sublimation is used on customized fabric banners. It helps in offering a natural and smooth texture with some bright colors. It will make the cloth banner one prime choice for any indoor based use. Moreover, other than polyester, there are so many other varieties for you to choose from, as mentioned already. It solely depends on your needs, without even compromising on presentation’s quality at all.

What Are the Options?

Standard advertising is one of the most impressive approaches to say something about any business and to help advance items or administrations. One of the critical choices you need to make at the beginning prior to revealing a mission like this is the thing that kind of material to utilize. Basically, you should choose between canvas or vinyl.


A canvas flag will normally be imprinted on a woven polyester texture that is known for its meaningfulness and extraordinary appearance in a wide range of lighting. It has a non reflective completion and looks great in either fake or regular light.

Canvas Banners

Many canvas flags are made of premium cotton duck canvas — a profoundly solid material that has been utilized in uncompromising applications, for example, workwear and boat sails for a long time. Canvas is one first class materials on account of its breeze safe quality and imaginative stylish. Much the same as fine show-stoppers, canvas flags offer an expert look and regularly look hand painted gratitude to their semi-sparkle finish. This adds a component of class to any occasion or advancement. The woven surface of canvas additionally adds a decent touch for the individuals who are searching for a stylishly satisfying alternative.

Canvas permits text and pictures to be imprinted in high goal, which settles on this a superb decision for the individuals who esteem appearance regardless of anything else. Despite the fact that this material is rock solid, canvas standards are best utilized inside to save the symbolism’s quality.


The vinyl option can give you various alternatives. For instance, “white matte” standards have a higher-grade piece and are covered with PVC. You can utilize them to advance your best and most brilliant plans, despite the fact that they have a matte completion. Did you realize that you can likewise have these specific pennants produced using biodegradable materials? This might be of interest on the off chance that you are creating an enormous number of them for a coincidental occasion, as they can be consigned to the landfill if necessary.

Outside Preference

You may likewise prefer to consider white work vinyl. These can be especially helpful on the off chance that they are to be kept in an open-air climate as long as possible. The work make-up will permit the wind to go through the real pennant partly and accordingly it won’t be so defenseless to tearing. This sort of standard is likewise appropriate to stormy conditions, despite the fact that it doesn’t do so well in a freezing climate, as this can make the pennant very fragile.

Indoor Solutions

In the event that you will utilize your flag inside, at that point, either canvas or vinyl can function admirably, albeit numerous advertisers accept that the vinyl alternative is ideal if your customers will see the item very close. The work vinyl choice isn’t suggested in this circumstance, be that as it may, as you might have the option to see directly through it from short separations.

Settling on Your Choice

Pick your flag material as per where the thing will be shown and how long it will be shown for. Should you need any extra counsel, connect with printers that represent considerable authority in this methodology.

Completely environment friendly

Synthetic and natural fabrics are durable, strong and can be reused and recycled easily. That makes such fabric banner an attractive investment, in case you have businesses using these banners on regular basis. The carbon based footprint is 75% lower than other options. You can aim for the ones with water-based inks too.

Glue Vinyl Banners

Glue vinyl flags are an amazing choice to detached standards. On the off chance that you have a divider, window, or smooth surface that you can hang the pennant from, a cement vinyl flag may be the ideal decision for you.

Our glue vinyl standards are made of 10 oz. premium misty vinyl. Like our standard vinyl pennants, this material is waterproof, blur safe, wrinkle safe, and tough. As a little something extra, our cement vinyl standard material is launder able and reusable!

Probably the greatest preferred position of glue standards is that they adhere to a surface, so you don’t need to stress over your flag blowing over or fluttering boisterously in the breeze. You can likewise renounce buying bungee rope or posts and essentially apply your standard to a current structure for simple establishment.

Polyester Fabric Banners

Texture standards offer sharp, great tone and photograph quality prints for proficient looking publicizing. Ideal for indoor use, these polyester texture standards are printed with a color sublimation measure that makes lively photograph quality tone. On account of their texture material, polyester standards are scratch-safe.

Since polyester is a texture, this sign material isn’t reasonable for most open air conditions. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you may be utilizing your standard outside in gentle climate for a couple of hours, this may be a decent alternative for you.

In case you’re thinking about buying a polyester pennant, remember that this material can be inclined to tearing or tearing. Consequently, these flags are best utilized when taken care of cautiously inside.

Pick the Best Material for your Situation

Beside signage material alternatives, it’s critical to remember plan when looking for a pennant. With various pre-assembled formats accessible, our site makes it simple to make and tweak your own flag. Transfer your own picture, alter your content and colors, and browse a wide scope of sizes all from our online plan instrument. Need a subsequent feeling? We offer free sealing and amendments to ensure you get your standard spot on.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a flag to advance your next occasion or a pennant for a unique event in your own life, Half Price Banners offers something for everybody. From great vinyl pennants that are ideal for outside use to aesthetic canvas flags, you won’t locate a superior choice of standards anyplace else. Shop our total standard assortment online today and view the entirety of the distinctive pennant material alternatives accessible.

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