Performance Excellence Of Any Type – Raise your game

When we’re around performance excellence, it helps bring out our own best performance.

performance excellence
performance excellence

Think back. Surely there’s a time in your life when this was true for you, too.
It’s why there’s value in watching great sports performances, seeing excellent theater and movies, reading great fiction, going to art museums, enjoying wonderful food, and surrounding yourself even briefly in the beauty of nature.
There’s lots more excellence you can choose to immerse yourself in, too.
I recall one particular experience during a summer when my husband and I played tennis almost every weekend when summer with friends from the company where he worked.

Hoping to get in just enough improvement to make the next weekend’s tennis matches easier and more fun, Gary and I went out to practice one day after work at a nearby park.

On this particular evening, the courts were all busy so as we waited for our turn. As we did, we watched one couple play. It was great fun to see, for they played with great ease and excellence.

When they left, and we started to play on the court where they’d performed for many of us who were watching that day, our game seemed to be almost magically elevated in many ways.

It was as if the excellence they’d brought had been left on that court, and we were the beneficiaries of the momentary circumstance.
Eventually, their excellence seeped away from that spot and, well, our normal game returned.

But for that brief time, playing excellent tennis was fun.
And it showed us that we might someday reach an elevated state of play with consistency if we kept practicing, with consistency.
You can elevate your own game, whatever it is, if you steep yourself in excellence of any kind.
Here are a few reasons why:

  1. It inspires you.
    Excellence of any type is spirit-lifting.
    Whether at the Olympics, the exhibit of a great artist, or at a major awards program recognizing top performance in any field, looking at, and up to excellence can have the same effect. It raises your sense of what is possible when positive intention, the force of will, abilities, practice and preparation – and a bit of luck, too – are combined to meet challenges and create new opportunities.
    That inspiring effect occurs whether the people who produced the great result were expected to, or theirs was in overcoming-all-odds story.
  2. It teaches, or reinforces the excellence mindset in you.
    Sometimes the best thing about being around others’ excellence is being steeped in the excellence mindset.
    Top performance takes dedication, focus, and sometimes getting out of your own way to create or release excellent results.
    Knowing what someone who produced greatness thought and felt, how they prepared for it, and how they overcame their own nervousness or stage fright, if it was part of the experience, can be enlightening.
  3. It gives you new ideas for yourself.
    Excellence in other realms can increase your creativity, and spark new ideas for a project, goal, or challenge you’re working on.
    And being around others’ excellence reminds you of the power of persistence.
    There’s a lot to be said for not giving up when your courage is waning and encouragement from others is sparse.
    Your will to succeed in a realm that is important to you, and the path to that achievement can be strengthened by being immersed in excellence of any type.